Electric No Compromise Off Road Ecosystem



ENCORE is Dimaag’s proprietary ecosystem of EV Components, including high power swappable battery modules, motors, inverters, power electronics, and software for off-road Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems. ENCORE based solutions do not compromise on the vehicle’s Functionality, Performance, Cost and Safety.


Enabling OEMs to accelerate the electrification of their fleet of vehicles


EV Tech Stack providing highest performance at compelling cost points

Fast Charging

Game changing solutions for battery modules and charging systems

ENCORE driven Electric Vehicles

Dimaag has successfully developed in rapid time, a multitude of Electric Vehicles using ENCORE. Some of these vehicles are Zero-Turn Mowers, Compact Excavators, Utility Vehicles and Tractors etc. Each of these Electric Vehicles perform the equivalent job of the corresponding diesel vehicle. Just two battery modules can provide full power for each of these vehicles.

ENCORE Battery Module and Fast Charging

At the center of ENCORE is Dimaag’s swappable battery modules. These modules are high power and have active thermal management. These modules are used across all the EV vehicles and can be fast charged in 20 mins.

Press Release

Dimaag Announces Revolutionary Electrification Solutions for the Off-Road Industry

Fremont, CA. (Dec. 20, 2023) – Dimaag-AI, Inc., (CEO Satish Padmanabhan; hereinafter “Dimaag”) has deployed the Industry’s First Electric No Compromise Off-Road Ecosystem (ENCORE) on a compact excavator from Hitachi Construction Machinery Group. ENCORE is comprised of Dimaag’s high power, swappable battery modules, inverters, motors, power electronics and software for Electric Vehicles (EV) as well as the charging stations.  

Dimaag, a Silicon Valley Company focused on Electric Vehicles and Charging Solutions, will showcase a fully functional compact electric excavator from Hitachi Construction Machinery Group. This product will be displayed at booth #6466 at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), between January 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV. In addition to compact excavators, Dimaag will proliferate ENCORE across other industry partners and enable them to meet regulations requiring most new small off-road engines (SORE) be zero emission by 2024. Dimaag will also showcase the same “One Battery One Platform Solution” that is part of ENCORE on multiple EVs at CES 2024. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is a construction machinery manufacturer that is globally expanding its business primarily in the hydraulic excavator, wheel loader, and mining machinery fields. 

 Dimaag’s engineering is headed by Ian Wright, who is a Co-founder of Tesla. “The off-road EV solutions have considerably different requirements than the on-road EV solutions. It is important to safely provide full power for a full day of use for these off-road vehicles. The cost of these solutions has to be comparable to the current diesel-based solutions in order for EV transformation goals to become a reality. Dimaag’s ENCORE makes it possible to achieve all these requirements,” said Ian. 

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